Gears of War 3 UK Release Date

The official release date for Gears of War 3 on Xbox 360 in the UK is September 20th 2011.  It promises new enemies, new COG characters to play and improved visuals.  Be among the first to own the final chapter in this epic trilogy by pre-ordering it from Amazon.

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Brute Force – Xbox

Brute Force

Exclusive to the Xbox console, Brute Force is something of a hidden gem for co-op gaming fans. You take control of a four ‘man’ commando team in a futuristic setting, with each team member having their own unique special abilities.

Like some other Xbox games, it borrows heavily from Halo, with similar looking graphics and gameplay at times, with some of the enemy AI behaving very familiarly as enemies dive for cover or run away if outnumbered. Brute Force offers hours of fun for up to four players on the same screen in co-operative mode. Each character’s abilities add an interesting slant making the game that bit more playable. The whole campaign can be played in split screen co-op mode with two, three or four players on one console.

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Sniper Elite – PS2 / Xbox

Sniper Elite

This is a game that I missed first time round, but what a game it is. You play as an American OSS sniper as World War II is drawing to a close and have to carry out a series of important and dangerous missions with little help from the Allied forces.

As the title suggests, the game primarily focuses on sniping, but you do have other weapons for close quarter combat should you be discovered and need to fight your way out. Stealth is the key in this game, shoot and move, stay in the shadows and don’t let the enemy see or hear you. There is a high amount of realism with long range shots needing you to allow for gravity and wind to hit the target.

Good shots are rewarded with the innovative ‘bullet cam’ replay, which can be a bit gruesome at times. The entire campaign can be played co-operatively split screen on the same console, and this game is highly recommended for coop gaming fans. The graphics do look a little dated now, but the gameplay is exceptional.

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Half Life – PS2

Half Life Decay

Half Life for the Playstation 2 is pretty much a straight port of the groundbreaking PC Game but with one big difference, the inclusion of a special coop mode called Half Life Decay, unique to the console version. Team up to play with a friend as you take on the roles of two brilliant female scientists who are caught up in the same events as featured in the main story with Gordon Freeman. Much of what happens in the game happens at the same time as the main story but in Half Life decay the story is seen from the female scientists’ perspective.

There are a number of situations and puzzles that demand real co-operative play such as holding switches to open doors for the other player, making this a real treat for co-op gaming fans. In total there are ten special levels for two player split screen cooperative play. This one is highly recommended.

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Halo: Combat Evolved – Xbox

Halo Xbox

Halo is widely regarded by many gamers as the greatest Xbox game ever, and one of the best FPS games ever seen on any console. Featuring a totally immersive story, the best game soundtrack ever in my opinion, cutting edge enemy artificial intelligence and so much more.

You can play the entire campaign in split screen cooperative mode with a friend on the same Xbox console. Both players play the role of the Master Chief, the genetically enhanced ‘Spartan’ super soldier.

This is one of the best games for coop gaming on the Xbox console, and with different levels of difficulty it offers great replay value. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re missing out.

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